Operationnal support

Urban and real estate projects require intense efforts over long periods of time, it is desirable to relieve the project leader by assisting him in technical management, financial and legal matters during the operational phase, including the monitoring of technical coordination meetings, the monitoring of site meetings, deadlines management, contracts negotiation and costs estimation, etc.

What Domolis can make for you :

  • Technical coordination (architectural project, meetings with the project management)
  • Construction site (follow-up meetings)
  • Cost monitoring (updating of estimates)
  • Schedule management (structural work, finishing work, demolitions)
  • Negotiation of work contracts and estimates
  • Delivery (removal of reservations)
  • Functional audit (user interviews)
  • Communication (site timelapse, social networks, website etc.)

References :

  • Farmhouse renovation, Orléans – 250 m2 – Advisory –Design – Project management – private owner – 2022
  • Individual house renovation, Bonifacio – 500 m2 – Advisory – Project management – private owner – 2022

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