Diagnostic and audit

The territories and cities are wealthy reservoir of data, the analysis of which is essential to prepare the upstream and pre-operational phases. Diagnoses in several aspects enable to establish a precise knowledge of the development stakes through the study of the characteristics of a complex urban context, the gathering at the property scale of the data of land mutability, and analysis of the scope of action with the physical aspect of the site concerned.

What Domolis can make for you :

  • Urban, land and architectural diagnostics
  • Study of the characteristics of a wider context (demography, climate, accessibility, economic activities, facilities and services, governance)
  • Site study (constructability, soil conditions, environmental constraints, easements)
  • Intervention perimeter (views, sunlight, state of architectural/technical elements, thermal envelope etc.)

References :

  • Farmhouse renovation, Orléans – 250 m2 – Advisory –Design – Project management – private owner – 2022
  • 60 housing units, Treviso, Italy – R+4 – 6000 m2 – Advisory – private owner- 2022

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