PropTech & ConTech: which are the innovative companies of city and real estate ?

Mapping of the innovative companies

At Domolis we have tried to list several innovative companies that offer global or customised solutions. These start-ups are also disrupting a sector that has experienced a lot of inertia in terms of technological innovations until now.

Imagining the city of tomorrow means thinking about the entire production cycle of urban and real estate spaces. Each phase has its own set of stakeholders and specialists.

This is why it is necessary to innovate in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the city and real estate and also to make the whole process of urban manufacturing more fluid.

Don’t hesitate to react by giving your opinion and your feedback with one of these companies!



Kompozite develops a digital platform that compiles data on materials and automatically generates thousands of optimised construction solutions according to the specific constraints and technical regulations of users.


Vestack is dusting off the construction industry by building up to 2x faster and 3x less polluting, at no extra cost compared to traditional construction thanks to prefabrication.


EcoCocon is a company that manufactures and sells a straw-based wall construction system. The structural panels contain 98% natural renewable materials and have excellent insulation properties.


Vizcab develops disruptive digital solutions using data science to support the energy and environmental transition in buildings. Vizcab is aimed at developers, landlords, builders and planners, to encourage creativity around qualified and shared energy and carbon objectives. Vizcab redefines and simplifies building Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for everyone.


This IT solution facilitates the drawing of plans and facilitates the exchange of information and the sharing of documents.


Designing urban site plans to meet the ever increasing demands of modern society is a complex task. Spacemaker tackles this challenge head on, using the latest advances in artificial intelligence and the power of the cloud.

Project management and works


PlanRadar is a digital SaaS platform for documentation, task management and communication in construction and real estate projects.

It serves all real estate and construction markets, adding value to everyone involved in the building lifecycle, from contractors and engineers to property managers and owners. The platform digitises all day-to-day processes and communication, saving time, reducing costs and delivering higher quality projects.


Archipad is a software suite for site monitoring. It facilitates data entry, observation management and report creation. Turnkey solutions for construction professionals, architects, engineers, project managers, contractors, project managers’ assistants, developers.


Designed for construction executives, on-site managers and foremen on repetitive, volume-driven projects, this construction management software provides real-time visibility and access to all critical information. In the cloud and on-premises, Lets Build enables project planning, workflow management, quality assurance, and sharing and documenting everything.



Combining SaaS platform and ESG expertise, Deepki supports real estate players from data collection and analysis to the definition and implementation of their ESG strategy in order to accelerate their environmental transition towards sustainability and zero carbon.


Sitowie supports real estate decision-makers in the public and private sectors in the sustainable management of buildings. The Predibat solution, an innovative SaaS platform using artificial intelligence algorithms (machine learning, deep learning) and open data, simulates the behaviour and ageing of buildings and their carbon impact, and proposes optimisation and multi-criteria maintenance scenarios.


Stonal offers an online SaaS platform accessible to asset owners and managers.

The platform centralises all the information on a property (data, documents, plans) that Stonal’s teams, supported by artificial intelligence, make reliable and keep up to date.



Drooms is Europe’s leading provider of data rooms, connecting professionals and information to the world’s real capital markets.

It’s an online platform which is used for transparent, efficient and secure management of confidential business processes such as

  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • NPL transactions
  • Board communications


Celsius Energy

Company for low carbon buildings. Heating and cooling of buildings, including in dense urban areas, using innovative geo-energy technology.


Due to the large amount of concrete and asphalt they contain, drainage from heavy rainfall and heat stress is an increasingly common problem. With more green space and good rainwater management, this challenge can be met, but space in the city is scarce. That’s why the Resilio project took advantage of unused space on roofs.


Soleneos offers its services for research and expertise on urban climate and related issues:

  • combating heat islands,
  • improving thermal comfort,
  • reducing energy consumption in buildings.


Assists builders and city owners in developing a virtuous strategy for managing rainwater and implementing innovative, flexible and appropriate solutions.


Solen is an innovative and expert solution for the luminosity and sunlight of housing (new and old). The technology developed makes it possible to calculate and simulate precisely the direct sunlight and natural luminosity of a place from a photo taken with a smartphone.

Neighbourhood life

Alacaza aims to reinvent communication between inhabitants within buildings and neighbourhoods.

Urban programming


Big data solution for urban planning. Dotz puts big data at the service of city actors to help them optimise ground floor real estate programmes. Dotz analyses millions of data to :

  • Map a neighbourhood and its dynamics
  • Identify the best activities to locate
  • Calculate the potential profitability of an activity, the rental and market value